We believe that you the electorate should be served by a team of Local Councillor's who concentrate on local issues and live in the area they serve.

In the May 2016 Elections Kidderminster voters will have an opportunity to vote for an elected Town Council to serve the Town of Kidderminster. Bewdley and Stourport have both had Town Councils for many years and these have a significant number of Independent Community and Health Concern Councillors serving the needs of their communities.

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Dr. Richard Taylor


ICHC Cllr Jim Parish A Service of Celebration was held on Thursday 19th November 2015


In Loving Memory of James Whittaker Parish (Jim) who passed away on 28th October 2015. Jim served the Stourport Community on the Town, District and County Council over many years and he will be sadly missed. Our thoughts are with his family and close friends at this sad time.

May 2015

Richard's Message, many of you have asked me about my aims for the NHS .......... MY AIMS FOR THE NHS  ...  Dr Richard Taylor MBE FRCP (Prospective parliamentary candidate for Independent Community and Health Concern in the Wyre Forest constituency. ) 

"When I first became an MP in 2001 it was because of a deep sense of anger that services at my charter marked, excellent, well respected, district general hospital had been drastically downgraded without meaningful consultation with local people.

Now I have the same sense of anger because of the drastic changes the coalition government is making to our cherished NHS.

No other political party or individual MP is standing up strongly enough for the NHS and its original ideals against the threats to it from the current Government. Some of these were initiated by New Labour.

My prime aims, if I am elected as an MP again, will be to correct this omission and to lead or support a campaign to fight for the NHS as we all have known and loved it, as an integrated, uniform, high quality, publicly funded, publicly provided and publicly accountable service. I would work to protect the NHS from the adverse effects of privatisation and international trade agreements, to improve the safety and quality of care where this is needed, and to continue to improve local access to first class NHS care for the people of Wyre Forest. I will support all efforts to ensure fair funding of our health services in Wyre Forest including those for mental health.

In addition I will push for more patient influence over NHS policy and management and for a radical review of the flawed NHS complaints process and whistle blowing policies.

I will oppose any further re-organisations of the NHS that are not made for genuine clinical reasons and led by clinical staff without any political interference."

18 March 2015 





Richard Taylor – February 2015

I wish to stand for Health Concern to be Wyre Forest’s MP again because no political party is standing up strongly enough for the NHS against the threats from the current Government. These were initiated by the last Labour Government. As an MP, independent of the main political parties, I will campaign for the NHS, to improve safety and quality of care, and to improve access to emergency care for the people of Wyre Forest.


Other issues are covered by Health Concern’s manifesto which is available on our website. Never let it be said that we are a single-issue party. Regarding the economy, we reject austerity on moral, economic and public health grounds. We support effective collection of taxes, the 50p higher tax rate, higher taxes on luxury goods and services, and a statutory, minimum living wage. We support a cap on bonuses for already very highly paid employees when other employees of the same organisations are on low wages. We oppose zero hours’ contracts and all forms of discrimination including gender inequality.


We are not against immigration. The NHS has been supported for years by immigrant doctors and nurses, and would have failed without them. The cost of people coming from overseas just to get free health care is reliably estimated at only 0.06% of the NHS budget. This is a drop in the ocean compared with the billions of pounds of unspent NHS money handed back to the Treasury at the end of every financial year.


With Health Concern’s history of success at local elections, and my experience as an MP, independent of the main parties, we offer a realistic and attractive alternative to voters disillusioned with the main political parties.

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  • Meet Richard Taylor

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